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the personal web site of Thomas James (Jimmy) Allen.

I design and code web sites for a living. I am an independent contractor with my own company,
I usually subcontract through IIr Associates Inc., and specialize in websites for small to medium-sized engineering firms.

My interests range beyond the internet, and in fifty-some years I’ve done and been lots of things, including Philosophy teacher at UC Santa Barbara and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Kinko’s manager and co-worker, science student, chess player, photographer, poet and beachcomber. I’ve earned my bachelors (UVa ’83) and masters (UCSB ’89) degrees in Philosophy, been an antiques and collectibles dealer, eBayer, slot car collector, woodworker, paperboy, and plenty more things that you won’t see on my resume.

A good way to find things at is to view my website’s A to Z List.

Recently posted content:
Nov 19, 2019My Favorite Places to Visit

Links to the web sites I visit often.

Nov 20, 2018Symmetry Looper - One Large Canvas with Intentional Asymetries

Create a version where each of the reflected lines is slightly off. Introduce random tiny errors to break the symmetry.

Sep 4, 20182020 Booklist

My ongoing booklists.

Jun 17, 2018Google Maps Experiments

Learning how to display a Google map, with the Google Maps API.

Jun 16, 2018Symmetry Looper - One Canvas with Thicker Varying Line Width

Another version of this looper, with more changes and improvements.

Jun 15, 2018Symmetry Looper - One Large Canvas with Varying Line Width

Symmetry Looper with varying line width.

Apr 7, 2017Unusual Screwdriver

I am tracking down information on this unusual screwdriver.

Jan 26, 2017Four Siblings Symmetry Looper

Like the other symmetry loopers, except the four panels start with the same initial data. The script behind each panel is slightly different, resulting in different drawings.

Sep 14, 2016Unconnected Symmetry Looper

More experiments with the Symmetry Looper.

Sep 13, 2016Symmetry Looper - One Large Canvas

Large single-canvas Symmetry Looper.

Sep 7, 2016Two-fold Offset Symmetry Looper

Draws four canvases with two-fold rotational symmetry, in black and white, continuously.

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