A Prescription for your Heart

Advice for a friend.

Posted: Oct 20, 2011 12:23 pm

Perhaps it is time, and would do you some good, to look inside at your own heart, and ask why it is so hard, when every needy person you see, you think is trying to steal something from you. Yes, there are some people who are free riders on the system, scammers who live off good people’s kindnesses and taxes, but do you think the cheaters are more than 10% of the whole group of needy? I’m sure you think it’s more than half, and that is where I’m sure you’re wrong. Why is your heart so hardened?

How did you come to be so me-me-me? You seem to be a good person otherwise. You’ve led an easy middle class life, experienced little (no) want or need, never been to the point of asking for help, much less desperate, never been robbed or cheated outright; yet you resent so much the paying of taxes for unemployment, education, shelter and food for the truly disadvantaged. On top of that, you call yourself a Christian. I think you’ve forgotten or never understood the message, to give away your riches, your huge excess, to those less fortunate. Just a little less comfort on your part would very much help those who need it, and I suspect your minor discomforts would be alleviated and even doubly rewarded by the change in your inner relationship with yourself and your external connection to the fellow human beings whose community you share. Maybe it would lower your blood pressure, too.

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