Making Jimmy's Chicken Salad

My family seems to like my chicken salad, so I made this photo-essay to show how it’s done. Enjoy!

Posted: Oct 26, 2011 05:30 am

My family seems to like my chicken salad, so I made this photo-essay to show how it’s done. Follow the instructions that go with each picture. Enjoy!

Cut up the chicken. I use a Food Lion Roast Chicken. After we have one dinner from the chicken, I use the rest to make my chicken salad.

Cut the chicken into small pieces.
Secret 1: use plenty of dark meat – that’s where the flavor is! I also leave some of the skin on the chicken (like on the drumsticks), as long as it isn’t overcooked.

Get your veggies – I use whatever is in the frig, but these are the usual ingredients – red onion, green pepper, celery, Mt. Olive dill relish and of course, Duke’s mayo.

Cut up the onion small. I use two slices like this one.

Cut up the celery small. I use four six-inch sticks.

Here is the celery. I eyeball the amounts, and this was a little too much, so I ate a few bits.

Green pepper. Don’t overdo this ingredient. I use a section about 2 inches by 2 inches.

Here is the cut up green pepper.

How much dill relish? A fork-full, like this.

How much mayo? I use 4-6 fork-fulls, like this. Lots of mayo.
Secret #2: Duke’s Mayo – the best! Use plenty.

Stir everything up.

Secret #3 – this part is hard to explain – mush the mixed ingredients against the side of the bowl with your fork. This gets the mayo everywhere, and it squeezes some juices out of the celery and onion. I stir and mush like this three times.

That’s it! Jimmy’s chicken salad. I would add pepper now, but Mom and David want to add salt or pepper themselves, to taste.

Now cut up a Hanover Tomato…

Put a generous helping of chicken salad on the toasted rye bread (half-inch of chicken salad), of course put more Dukes mayo on the bread, add the Hanover tomato, and salt and pepper to taste.

Review the secrets to Jimmy’s Chicken Salad:
1. Use plenty of dark meat.
2. Mush the ingredients with the fork onto the the side of the bowl several times.
3. Generous amounts of Duke’s Mayo.

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