A fun little bit of wordplay, for those so inclined.

Posted: Sep 19, 2011 11:48 pm

Back in summer 2006, I made up a word game called Quadantonyms, where one invents meaningful strings of four words, divided into a first and second pair, each of which is a pair of antonyms (opposite in meaning). Quadantonyms are somewhat like pairs of oxymorons (rational theologian, plastic glass), and often they read like news story titles. Quadantonyms are not too strict on their oppositeness, nor on their meaningfulness; the goal is to have fun!

These are my originals, from 6-28-2006:

See blind turns straightened.
Squash firm quiets rackets.
Recent early finds lost.
Start stopping later sooner.
Relaxed efforts effect causes.
Giving takes accumulated dispersals.
Numerous singles loosen ties.
Mother fathers giant baby.
Hide findings under overages.
Unkempt grooms change stables.
Forward past erased recordings.
Rising sinks lift drops.
Buyer sells new oldies.
Burial uncovers unusual commoners.
Complaints satisfy ascetic desires.
Emptiness filled deeper shallows.
Someone no one liked hates.
Honestly liars create destruction.
Loose tights expose privates. (oops!)
Once again group singles out inn. (my first hexantonym)

July 27, 2007: I showed this game to Liz, who loves wordplay, and we both made more, including hexantonyms, octantonyms and a decantonym! Here are mine:

Old news slows speeders.
Followers lead past future.
Silence shouts confusion clearly.
Singles group multiplies divides.
Fly swims under overpass.
You I certainly misunderstood.
Friendly enemies might weaken secondary principles.
Just unfair criminals police others themselves!
Expenses free single couples from too much poverty.
Springs fall under above-ground sky-light dimmers.
Student teacher requires optional questions answered once every week day.

These are from Liz:

Girl mails old news.
Get giving today tomorrow.
Rooster chickens out in little lot. (Hexantonym! YAY!)
Whole parts found lost in outhouse. (another hexantonym!)

Ashley thought of one, too!

Don’t do last first.

Have fun with them, they can be addicting. Once you think up a few of them, it gets hard to stop!

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