My Annual Booklists

Since 1994 I have tracked the books I read. Any book can qualify, long or short, fiction or non-fiction, technical or fun, as long as I read it completely.

1998 Booklist
  1. The Alienist
    Caleb Carr
  2. Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One
    Sid Watkins
  3. Foundations’ Fear
    Gregory Benford
  4. The Angel of Darkness
    Caleb Carr
  5. An Instance of the Fingerpost
    Iain Pears
  6. Foundation and Chaos
    Greg Bear
  7. How Few Remain
    Harry Turtledove
  8. Gods and Generals
    Jeff Shaara
  9. Killer Angels
    (reread from ’94)
    Michael Shaara
  10. The Last Full Measure
    Jeff Shaara
  11. Crazy Rhythm
    Leonard Garment
  12. An Instance of the Fingerpost
    Iain Pears
    (reread from ’98)
  13. Dave Barry in Cyberspace
    Dave Barry
  14. Citizen Soldiers
    Stephen Ambrose
  15. The Redneck Way of Knowledge
    Blanche McCrary Boyd