My Annual Booklists

Since 1994 I have tracked the books I read. Any book can qualify, long or short, fiction or non-fiction, technical or fun, as long as I read it completely.

2000 Booklist
  1. The Fugitive Game: The Cyberchase of Kevin Mitnick
    Jonathan Littman
  2. The Human Comedy of Chess
    Hans Ree
  3. Clouds

  4. The Prosecution of Verres
  5. Vintage Slot Cars
    Philippe de Lespinay
  6. Noah’s Flood
    Willian Ryan & William Pittman
  7. Carl Haffner’s Love of the Draw
    Thomas Glavinic
  8. The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
    Jacob Burckhardt
  9. Blind Ambition
    John Dean
  10. The Ends of Power
    H. R. Halderman
  11. Confederates in the Attic
    Tony Horwitz
  12. At That Point in Time
    Fred Thompson
  13. Civilization and Its Discontents
    (reread from early ’80s)
    Sigmund Freud