My Annual Booklists

Since 1994 I have tracked the books I read. Any book can qualify, long or short, fiction or non-fiction, technical or fun, as long as I read it completely.

2011 Booklist
  1. The Black Tulip
    Alexandre Dumas
  2. The Lying Stones of Marrakech
    Stephen Jay Gould
  3. The Worst Rock n’ Roll Records of All Time
    J. Guterman and O. O’Donnell
  4. Tales from Q School: Inside Golf’s Fifth Major
    John Feinstein
  5. Nice Work
    David Lodge
  6. The Epic of Gilgamesh
    English by N. K. Sandars
  7. The Nursery of My Book House
    Olive Beaupre Miller, ed.
  8. Lost States: True Stories of Texlahoma, Transylvania
    and Other States That Never Made It

    Michael J. Trinklein
  9. Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Austen
  10. Cry, The Beloved Country
    Alan Paton
  11. In The Woods
    Tana French
  12. H.M.S. Ulysses
    Alistair Maclean
  13. Absurdistan
    Gary Shteyngart
  14. Mrs. Dalloway
    Virginia Woolf
  15. Murder at the Library of Congress
    Margaret Truman
  16. Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women
    Susan Faludi