Essays Written for The Plantation News

I wrote essays for The Plantation News, our family newspaper, between 1983 and 2003. Some essays recorded actual events, while others were humor, satire or fiction. The Plantation News transitioned from paper to blog and continues online here.

Life in Allenia

with renowned naturalist, Jimmy Allenborough*

…I’m standing by the banks of Beaver Dam Creek, in Allenia, east of Mechanicsville. The slow moving waters of the creek here form great swamplands, stretching many kilometers upstream and down. It’s hot here, about 37 degrees Celsius, and the drenching humidity of 90% or more has soiled my shirt. The mosquitoes that breed in the swamps gather in great clouds at dusk, to the detriment and irritation (slap!) of the local mammal population. The stench of the green-scum swamp algae and rotting detritus fills one’s nostrils, and the air has a thickness that could be cut with one of my grandmother’s sharpened tea spoons.

Yet even here, between the eroding swamp side stream banks and the fields cleared and plowed by the local farmers… we find life! Beavers cut down birches to build dams, groundhogs dig tunnels into the bluffs, and there, in the lighted forest glen, frolic the very rare Plantation Gnus.


*Note: I am a big fan of David Attenborough, the BBC’s award-winning nature film maker. Try to hear the above in Attenborough’s unique, patented style and delivery. Of course, Plantation Gnus = Plantation News.

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April 26, 2019
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