POETRY BOOK ONE: Poems People Like to Silently Move Their Lips While Reading
A Stray Grayed Shaded Day

Shifting hooves the morning moves,
Softly-shaded shadows soothe;
The huddled ponies, chillied, skinny;
Honey-colored horses whinny.

With feathers left by fleeing plover,
Heather grows amidst the clover;
Its nifty hands and whispy wrists,
Lift the weather’s kissing mists.

Grays give way to midday blues,
But stay as shades in colder hues;
Shadows play at holding feet,
And wade in waves through golden wheat.

Lacy hazes chase in chains
And wet the air with lazy rains;
Clouds scatter light with wondrous choice,
And shatter bright with thunderous voice.

Tickling sprinkles trickle down,
Fickle storms horizon bound;
The sinking sun blinks late and fades,
Winking stars awake no shades.

|| My Poetry ||