POETRY BOOK ONE: Poems People Like to Silently Move Their Lips While Reading
Alice, A Lass

Al has a lass, Alice.
Alice, alas, has Al, an ass,
And Al has a lack, alas.

Al is lacking all a lass like Alice has;
Al is selling Alice, alas.
Selling a lass as Al has Alice,
Allows a lass at least a look about.
Sealing a lock about a lass as Alice
(a lousy aleck Al is)
Allows Alice, a lass, at last aloose about.

Alice, all lace, owl eyes, a lusty pout;
What a doll is Alice, a lass!
What at all about laughs a lass as Alice?
Would that all whose sale is a lass, alas,
Would all lose his lass as Al has Alice.
Al has a lack, a loss, unlucky;
Alice, a lass, at last unlocked, a key.

Alone, a lass, unowned at last,
Unknown allows a laugh;
Who else? Alice, a lass.

|| My Poetry ||