POETRY BOOK THREE: Your Writing Hand
A Tear on the Edge

A day full of fun has come to an end,
It’s time to be saying goodbye;
I give her a kiss and look at her face,
There’s a tear on the edge of her eye.

I wipe it away, but up comes another,
Our goodbyes are always so sad;
‘Til I see her again, I’ll carry her warmth,
Remembering the fun that we had.

The sweet taste of honey, the green of the grass,
The dandelion in her hair;
The glisten of dewdrops, the roll of the thunder,
The love that is ours to share.

So goodbye for a while, I’ll be seeing you soon,
And hold your head up high;
I’m leaving to chase the moon and the stars,
And the tear on the edge of your eye.

|| My Poetry ||