POETRY BOOK FOUR: Untitled Book in Progress
Lost Child Miraculously Found

The minister, courageous, so prayed
That we’d find the lost child on this day,
Then thousands looked, thousands walked, they
Discovered him safe where he lay.

Had the clergy not blessed us that day,
Would God have turned His face away?
Or caused that sweet boy to pay
A cold death on the field where he lay?

Be still, my worthless confusion!
Can’t be of comfort if it’s all delusion;
No coincidence prompts my conclusion
That it mustn’t be just an illusion!

Don’t ask of those prayed but unfound!
Don’t ask of those laid in the ground!
This isn’t the time or the place to expound
On the murdered, the starved, or the recently drowned;
There’s no human wisdom so strong or profound
As the innocent child who is lost and then found.

|| My Poetry ||