POETRY BOOK FOUR: Untitled Book in Progress
Redeploy Redeploy

I dreamed again of Michael tonight
With his guts splashed out and his leg blown away,
I pulled him again with all my might
And he dies again and his life’s thrown away.
It should have been me on the field that night
With the barking dogs and the birds flown away,
But the dream is the same and the ending’s right,
Michael’s dead again and he’s gone away.

I’m here for you Mike, I visited your wife,
We drank all night ‘til the sun came up,
Traded stories we knew about your life,
And cried about how your son would grow up.

Got something dead in here, just won’t go away,
Got the doctors, got the talk, got my meds, got my Jack,
I’m supposed to let go but don’t know the way,
Close my eyes, breathe deep, let it fade to black…
And BOOM! Lost my breath, and I’m running away,
And BOOM! I can’t hear, and we’re under attack;
I drag you again from where you lay,
And you die on me buddy, and I can’t get you back!

I’m here for you Mike, I spoke to your son,
Tried to tell him who you were, but he’s just a boy,
I promise I’ll come back when my war is won,
But for now, close it down, got to redeploy.

Redeploy. Redeploy.

|| My Poetry ||