Garter Snake in the Road

I saved a Garter Snake who was foolishly sunning in the middle of the road.

Posted: Aug 14, 2011 03:42 pm

Driving home today I saw a small garter snake in the road, about 2 blocks from home. I pulled over and went to grab the snake, but he got all feisty on me, so I went back to the truck, got a McDonalds bag and a red cardboard fry container, went back and scooped the snake into the bag – no problem. Snake in a bag! He stayed quiet in there.

I held the bag closed with one hand and drove home with the other, and went inside and grabbed my camera. I released the snake in the front yard. Zoom! He slithered quickly through the grass, stopped on the driveway for a few pictures, and zoom, slithered off into the underbrush, and was gone.

Slideshow from my Flickr account:

Garter snake video from my Youtube account:

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