Videos from the Virginia Chess Championship

I posted a set of three videos from round 4.

Posted: Oct 4, 2011 07:11 pm

I continue to edit and post my videos from the 2011 Virginia Chess Championship. I have posted a series of three videos for round 4, which you can watch below. I am trying to show you what a spectator sees, when visiting this chess tournament. Yes, these is not much physical action; yes, there are hours of sitting, and a lot of sniffling and sighing. I hope by showing the postures, gazes, wiggling, nervous shaking, knuckle-cracking and head-holding, you will get a sense of the intense concentration and hard work that goes into creating each game, both amateur and high class!

I wandered around the room making video clips, but most of the shots are of two important games, Schuyler-Shibut and Weissbarth-Samuelson. On Board One, FM James Schuyler (2380) won this fourth round encounter with three-time State Champion FM Macon Shibut (2279), on his way to an undefeated 5 straight wins, to take his first Virginia Chess Championship. At Board Three and playing black, two-time State Champion Andrew Samuelson (2311) got a pawn to c3 early, and Daniel Weissbarth (2007) suffered for a long time before finally succumbing to the wound.

2011 Virginia Chess Championship
Round 4 Part One:

2011 Virginia Chess Championship
Round 4 Part Two:

2011 Virginia Chess Championship
Round 4 Part Three:

You can view all my Virginia Chess Videos at my youtube channel, gywhchess.

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