POETRY BOOK ONE: Poems People Like to Silently Move Their Lips While Reading
Zoey's Eyes

When Zoey sighs,
Zoey’s eyes grow in size.
When Zoey cries,
Zoey’s woes show in her eyes;
But Zoey knowing lows arise,
Zoey dries Zoey’s eyes.
When Zoey’s eyes mime surprise,
No one’s eyes get Zoey’s size;
Zoey shows her shy disguise;
To know why Zoey glows inside entices.

Unknowing wise I chose the prize
Of hoeing rye and sowing spice,
Lowing cows and how’s our house,
Posey rows and cat’s caught a mouse;
I’m spliced to Zoey’s life,
And to Zoey’s eyes,
Those doey spies above Zoey’s nose twice.
Zoey so does hypnotize,
When Zoey opens Zoey’s eyes.

|| My Poetry ||