POETRY BOOK THREE: Your Writing Hand
Change It

On a day so cold my nose
Was froze,
And deep inside my leather shoes
Were bluish toes,
A dog and me;
A beagle I did not even know,
We walked into a winter snow
To see what there was to see.

The snow had covered all
From Fall,
Winter had come wrapped in her scarf
To pay a greeting call
Upon the unsuspecting lands.
I with a beagle I did not know,
We walked into a winter snow;
Acre upon acre in whitened hands.

And now my little mystery friend,
To defend,
Chases away a threatening sound
Unseen around the bend.
Come and gone just like the cold.
Goodbye to the beagle I did not know,
Goodbye to the clinging ice and snow;
Winter memories that I hold.

|| My Poetry ||