Limericks for the 2001 Linares Chess Tournament

Here are limericks I wrote for the 2001 Linares chess tournament.

Posted: Sep 25, 2011 04:13 am

Mig Greengard, writing in 2001 for the beloved but now-defunct chess website, requested Linares Limericks from his readers. I contributed a set of 11 limericks, covering each competitor and his/her Linares results. I did not win a prize, but I was mentioned twice in the article.


Kasparov promised to win
Linares the eighth time again.
He ate up the field,
His victory sealed;
He’s the best there’s ever been.

But did Kasparov muddy the score,
When he said he had several wins more?
If he just hadn’t missed
In the Najdorfian mist:
Kd1, Rc5, then b4!

Super-G, he missed Ba3, too;
What a pity! But what’s he to do?
Is Kasparov slipping?
His elo is dipping,
And Steinitz’s crown sits on who?!

Anand & Kramnik

Two world champions, invited, don’t come,
To the fans, the reasons sound dumb;
Anand had a date,
That just couldn’t wait,
And Vlad wants a champion’s sum.

Judith Polgar

Judith again showed the world,
That she’s awfully strong for a girl;
She swore Gary’d pay
For her tears on that day,
When she caught a world champion’s theft!

Here, she hasn’t yet conquered his ego,
Or defeated him so apropos;
With her foot on his neck,
He found perpetual check,
To escape a great loss to his elo!


Karpov is weakened but proud,
And proved he could play with this crowd;
His lone victory proves
He can go eighty moves,
And his age left his ego unbowed!

But Karpov displays the hard truth,
That chess is a game for the youth.
He’s plagued by the clock,
And the new players mock
An ex-champion who’s long in the tooth.


For Shirov the fireworks roared!
He’d win or he’d fall on his sword!
But he wouldn’t shake hands
With the grandest of grands,
And for that he got burnt on the board.


They say it’s a natural law,
For Leko to play for the draw;
He had sessions with Fischer,
But he’s just not a squisher,
He’s lacking the fang and the claw.


Grischuk has proved he can play,
With the greatest grandmasters today;
Just give him some years,
He’ll have champion’s cheers,
And a world title or three to display!

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