Random Number Art

Since the 1980s I have written programs and scripts that use a random number generator to create dynamic visual art. I am slowly converting my programs to HTML and javascript, to share them here. Enjoy!

Most of these programs have the following features:

  • Unique - Each piece of art is generated from multiple random numbers, making each example a one-in-a-trillion chance; you'll never see the same piece twice.
  • Dynamic - They move! You can watch them being created, over and over.
  • Ephemeral - Each piece of art disappears after a few seconds and will never be produced again. You can pause the program and print the page or do a screen capture; otherwise, the artwork is gone forever.
  • Imagination Tools - The artworks produced by these programs are meant to be aesthetically pleasing, creativity inspiring, and hypnotic. Use them to spur your imagination.
September 23, 2021
01:56:11 PM