The Randomly Curved Line

In the mid-1980s I found a way to draw an interesting loopy curve - unpredictable, yet well-behaved.
All of my Symmetry Loopers are based on this randomly-curved line.

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See versions of the Reflective Symmetry Looper:
Symmetry Looper - Same Color
Symmetry Looper - Black & White
Symmetry Looper - Four Color
Symmetry Looper - How It Works

See versions of the Rotational Symmetry Looper:
Rotational Symmetry Looper - Same Color
Rotational Symmetry Looper - Black & White
Rotational Symmetry Looper - Four Color
Rotational Symmetry Looper - How It Works

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July 27, 2021
04:36:45 AM